Photography Suite 全屏摄影展示 FLASH+PHP CMS整站系统

3月 11, 2012

Photography Suite是一个纯FLASH前端的摄影图片展示网站系统,后端使用PHP系统,你不需要会FLASH代码或XML,你只需要登录后台对网站进行设置即可,后台账户admin,后面密码admin,这个版本还集成了贝宝支付系统哦.

Photography Suite是一个纯FLASH前端的摄影图片展示网站系统,后端使用PHP系统,你不需要会FLASH代码或XML,你只需要登录后台对网站进行设置即可,后台账户admin,后面密码admin,这个版本还集成了贝宝支付系统哦.



o Liquid layout

o Fully resizable

o Content always aligned to the center of the stage.

Options that can be edited from the ADMIN file:

o Main menu

o Submenu

o Small logo on the top bar

o Big logo in the center of the page

o Site name

o Site URL

o Webmaster’s email address

o Background audio file (compatibility mode only)

o Main Background (it can be a dynamic or static swf file, or an image)

o Ability to switch between different background colors at the touch of a menu button

o Footer’s text

o Address

o Main Menu colorset

o Other background alpha

Options for each menu items

o Section name

o Content type

o Background Image or SWF

HTML module

o XML driven

o All Fonts are embedded

o Ability to enter html formatted text with your own stylesheet

o Ability to enter images and links

o View in a window and scrollbar (if needed) with tween and mouse wheel enabled

NEWS module

o XML driven

o Unlimited News

o Big news display at mouse click

o Html formatted text with its own CSS file

o All Fonts are embedded

o Mouse wheel enabled

TEAM module

o XML driven

o Unlimited people

o Html formatted text with its own CSS file

o Mouse wheel enabled

LIST module

o XML driven

o Unlimited items

o Html formatted text with its own CSS file

o Mouse wheel enabled

o You can create unlimited list modules

GALLERY module

o Supports VIDEO and IMAGES

o is resizable to automatically fit browser windows

o Works with categories

o XML driven, and then easy to update

o Powerful full screen ZOOM

o You can also use PPG as a Slideshow by pressing the play button.

o Every image can have its own caption .

o Images AUTOSIZING to fit viewer windows. You don’t have to resize your images. PPG does this for you, so every image in gallery will be adapted to viewer window size with the correct proportion scaling.

o PPG uses a clean preloader with percent both for images and thumbnails.

o Caption with CSS formatted text (Fonts embedded)


o PHP driven (needs php working server)

o Field verification

CUSTOM module

o Load your SWF

o Automatic centered


o You can open external link in a new window

Playlist module

o Load your music

o Automatic play

o Volume full control




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  • 你的站点是很多人的福音,站点更新也快,谢谢。

    ben 三月 12, 2012 9:08 上午 回复
  • 这个不支持中文呢为啥

    一一一 四月 19, 2012 1:03 下午 回复
  • 相当的不错啊,感谢站长!会常来,找好东西

    冷影秋 七月 4, 2012 12:25 下午 回复
  • 这个主题本地怎么进后台啊,地址是多少啊

    冷影秋 七月 4, 2012 1:17 下午 回复
  • 唯艾迪,你好,这个Photography Suite摄影图片展示网站系统很不错,但我还是有点小白的问题:



    wjf 十一月 26, 2012 3:43 下午 回复


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