3D Grid XML FLASH模板,非常现代而时尚的展示图片、摄影、照片类FLASH整站模板,支持flickr 和 YouTube应用。3D Grid XML Template is a new way to showcase your media, built with Papervision 3D and the powerful tweening engine BetweenAS3; it will deliver the best experience you might achieve with flash yet!


Deep Linking & Navigation History with SWFAddress.
Customizable, dynamic two level menu.
Complete realtime 3D Media Viewer powered by Papervision!
Creates complex 3D Grids with the awesome Coordy Toolkit.
Smart navigation featuring Quaternions for Pixel Precision.
Native support for both flickr and YouTube.
Supports JPG , GIF, PNG , SWF, FLV files and H.264 encoded videos.
Built-in garbage collection and smart loading system managed by CASALib.
Over 170 XML Settings to customize nearly everything.
Slideshow function with auto play and resume.
Supports left/right arrow keys for global navigation.
HTML formatted captions positionable everywhere on the stage.
Custom Homepage support & Single assets behaviour.
Smooth, optimized render system to free resources when needed.
No Flash authoring needed, customize everything with XML & FlashVars.
Complete Fluid layout with Fullscreen mode and smoothing filters for big assets.
Tiny music player with playlist support and autoloop function.
Social icons with custom tooltips and external links.
Load background images at runtime and resize them automatically with correct aspect ratio.
Content module which handles HTML tags and supports external CSS Stylesheets.
PHP Contact Module with confirmation email and field validation.
Three versions are provided with the download:
Standalone, Embed and the complete XML Template solution.
Extend the template with other components as you wish with the provided SWF module.

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