Amanda XHTML/CSS模板,是一个 全屏自适应管理面板 HTML模板,支持移动设备,Amanda Responsive Admin Template is a new admin template with many features, plugins and custom elements that you can use fo your backend projects. This template has built-in theme switcher that you can change anytime you want. This template is very useful for any type of application whether for desktop or mobile devices. It has addon pages that you can use for your in house activity like blog, newsfeed, productlist and photo/video sharing.

Amanda XHTML/CSS模板主要特点:

  • Responsive Layout
  • Built using HTML5 , CSS3 and Javascript
  • 25 jQuery Plugins
    • Flot Chart (line, bars, pie)
    • Calendar
    • DataTables
    • Form Validation
    • DatePicker, ColorPicker, Slider, Alerts, etc.
  • Collapsible Menu with 2 styles
  • Very Sleek TinyMCE WYSIWYG Editor
  • Very Sleek File Manager ready for integration
  • Form Elements (2 Form Styles, Dual Box, Validation, Wizard)
  • Interface Elements (80 sets of Buttons & Icons, Notifications, Slider, Color Picker, Progress, etc.)
  • Tab Menu (using inline or ajax call)
  • Wizards (3 styled wizard including wizard)
  • Chat Support
  • Style Switcher
  • Add-on Pages
    • Manage Blog with Quick Edit
    • Messages Page
    • News Feeds
    • Blog Pages (list and single view)
    • Profile Page (with Follow button and follower list)
    • Product list
    • Photo/Video Sharing Page
    • Gallery
  • Custom elements and widgets
  • 28 HTML Pages
  • and much more…

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Amanda XHTML/CSS模板演示地址

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