Dotted wordpress商业主题,是一个全屏多用途的WordPress主题,Dotted is an innovative Premium WordPress Theme with easy to use and very powerful tools and built in features to build a professional website. Suitable for corporate/business and creative/portfolio as well as other websites and also offers powerful blogging features. Fully compatible with WordPress 3.2+ and all major browsers.


Dotted Innovative WordPress Theme

Dotted Innovative WordPress Theme


Everything Done Easily in Theme Options Panel

Everything you need can be accessed and customized in Theme Options. We made it really simple and understandable to end user. Our Theme Options Panel is made to make things easy for you not complicate them.

Easy Content Management

Dotted theme offers tools to make content editing fast, easy and fun. Shortcode builder,header chooser, slider managers, portfolio manager, contact form creator, font switcher are just some of the list. We also created “get the code” options on almost every live preview page, so you can come and see how it is done anytime you need.

SEO Optimization

Different techniques had been used to optimize theme for Search Engines.
Appropriate usage of h1 tags, sidebar placement after content, breadcrumbs usage. Also you can insert your analytics or statistics code right from theme options. Also high scores have been given on Google’s Page Speed Online tests.

Chop Slider 2 PRO version

Dotted theme has Chop slider 2 Pro version bundled with the theme. It offers various transition effects from mobile to 3d transitions and can be placed anywhere in the theme.

Sliders for every taste

Wide choice of sliders with easy management, with simple or crazy effects; for usage in headers or content or even sidebar – you decide.

Dot animations and drawing board

If you want something unique, then this one is for you. Special dot animations template for menu hovers with built in drawing board to create your own shapes. Note that this is truly optional, you decide to use it or not.

Shortcode Panel

For fast and easy shortcode usage and content management there is a rich shortcode panel available in both Visual and HTML mode. Select your shortcode, customize options and press insert to have a ready shortcode in your post or page.

Custom Notification and Translation Settings in Option Panel

Customize notification messages for pages like 404 error, search page, contact page and others. Also you can enter custom text or translation for most used texts right in theme options panel. .pot translation file is also included.


Modifiable templates

  • Full width template
  • Right sidebar template
  • Left sidebar template
  • Sortable portfolio 1 column
  • Sortable portfolio 2 column
  • Sortable portfolio 3 column
  • Sortable portfolio 4 column
  • Paged portfolio 1 column
  • Paged portfolio 2 column
  • Paged portfolio 3 column
  • Paged portfolio 4 column
  • Single portfolio entry
  • Blog layout:
    • centered or left aligned
    • with or without sidebar
      • Single post: 

      • centered or left aligned
      • with or without sidebar
      • Each of templates above can have different headers.

        Special templates

      • Dot menu template
      • 404 error page
      • Search page
      • Achieves

        Contact Form Builder

        Build your contact form in just a few clicks with easy form builder, choose from different field types, set required fields and also access your messages directly from dashboard.

        Portfolio Manager

        Special post type for portfolio to manage your items and categories, with options to add details to portfolio entries and choose between nine different cover effects uniquely for each entry.

        Custom Widgets

        Dotted theme comes with integrated custom widgets for beautiful and easy implementation of most common features and have many custom options.

        Pricing boxes and tables

        If you are offering product or service then dotted theme will help you to present and describe it in a smart and professional way. You can use easy and powerful pricing box shortcode, create a custom one or choose from wide range of pricing tables, with many features.

        Cufon fonts

        You can use cufon font you like by simply selecting it theme in Theme Options panel. You can also upload your own font in few simple steps and choose from thousands different fonts available. And you can always disable font replacement if you want.

        Unlimited sidebars

        Create unique sidebar for every page. Activate custom sidebar with one click and you can to add widgets exclusively for selected page.

        For developers

        Theme Options panel branding can be removed or changed to your own in a few easy steps covered in user manual.

        Supporting modern web

        Dotted theme is supported in all major browsers, including Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Opera, Internet Explorer 9, 8 and 7. But now that we are in era in modern web standards, it is time to say goodbye to outdated browsers and particularly Internet Explorer 6. The usage of this browser is dropping constantly, but some people are still using it and if someone will visit your page from Internet Explorer 6 they will see the warning message that will help them to upgrade to a newer browser and step into a modern web.

        And even more…

        See live preview for some examples.

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