IT Musical Joomla!商业主题模板,由icetheme平台2011年5月发布,支持joomla 1.7的音乐主题,Taking advantage from the Easy to Use IceTheme Extensions that were modified for this template, you will have the right tools to customize your website exactly in the way your project or your client requires it.


IT Musical Joomla Template

IT Musical Joomla Template


  • Clone Installer:Get your website exactly as our demo within 10 minutes with the Clone Installer package.
  • Fast Templates:Our templates are developed to run fast but the IceSpeed plugin will 400%+ further faaten your website
  • Template Styles:Immediately suit to the color scheme of your project by selecting one of the the pre-built Template Styles.
  • PSD Files
  • Browsers Support:Our templates support all major browsers including FF, IE7-9, Safari, Opera, Chrome etc
  • Rich Typography:All our templates are built-in with a rich typography so that you may easy use almost all html codes.
  • Built-in Extensions:Along with our templates you will find customized IceTheme Extensions to further enhance your project
  • Clean Code:Tableless design and 100% CSS-based typography so that you may easy use almost all.

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