MultiMedia Reloaded WordPress商业主题模板,一个画廊博客WP主题,适合做博客、摄影展示、设计资源展示、个人作品展示网站。


  • Media Embedding: Easy media embed method – with custom shortcodes in the post content area or use a media plugin of your choice.
  • Featured Posts: Feature any post, in any category – the easy way – just make them sticky!
  • Navigation: Choose and put together your Site’s Main Navigation without touching the code in the template files. All available options are right there for you included in the Theme Options.
  • Post Layout: Theme options to customize the layout.
  • Choose to show “share icons” in the featured area or not,Choose 2 or 3 columns of posts below the featured area on the Frontpage (Do the same indepently for Category pages),Additionally choose how the posts will display in their columns (with sliding or static splash image) -(Do the same indepently for Category pages)
  • Post Teasers: Teaser word limit can be adjusted independently for different pages
  • Category Descriptions: Enter an optional short! category description and it will appear to the right of the category title when viewing the appropriate category page
  • Subpages: appear dynamically in sidebar when created
  • Related posts: if there are any, appear in the single page sidebar. How many should appear is set by you from the theme options
  • Security: 2 common sense security precautions already hooked in already for you
    • Hiden login page error feedback,
    • Hiden WordPress version number,
  • Spam Prevention: A useful little function to deny Comment Posting to “No Referrer Requests” is included to work alongside Akismet for keeping spammers out!

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