PixelPower wordpress商业主题,是一个作品展示+博客WordPress主题,This is a clean, modern, powerful WordPress tumblog-style theme designed for a wide variety of uses from bloggers to design portfolios. The responsive web design adapts from large to mobile screens, just resize the browser window to test it out, no additional setup required!


PixelPower WordPress Theme

PixelPower WordPress Theme


  • Text or Image Based Logo
  • Tag and Category Description Display
  • Fixed or Standard Header
  • Adjustable Header Columns
  • Author Archive with Avatar and Description
  • Blog Tag Index / Archive Template
  • Blog Category Index / Archive Template
  • Favicon and Apple Touch Icon Ready
  • CSS spites for smart loading of similar icons
  • Auto-Sized Featured Image on any Post Format
  • Easy to use Column Shortcodes

Solid and Extendable

  • Functions wrapped in if function_exists() for easy overriding in child themes.
  • Use of get_template_part() and get_post_format()
  • jQuery loaded in noConflict mode to avoid common conflicts and errors
  • CSS and JavaScript loaded via wp_register_script() and wp_register_style()
  • Internationalized (I18n) using e() and _() functions with sample .mo/.po files included

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