GoVideo Drupal 主题,是一个游戏杂志类型的Drupal 主题。The Drupal GoVideo theme is the first simple yet comprehensive video solution built in Drupal that uses FFMPEG hosting (see our 25% off GoVideo offer) and complete video thumbnail creation and video playback. GoVideo also comes with a blog, news section, and tons of additional featured. Now You can create a niche video website for any topic or industry and have your video website up and running within minutes with our profile installation (complete with demo video and blog/news content).

The GoVideo theme now uses JW Player and is HTML5 compatible. Playback on devices such as the iPhone and iPad are now possible with JW Player integration. To use JW player on any commercial website you must purchase a license starting at $89. But not to worry! We have set up an Enterprise license partnership with the makers of JW Player which means that we’ll absorb the license fees for you. That means you can save yourself $89 for the license fee and your GoVideo theme can be as commercial as you’d like 🙂


GoVideo Drupal  Theme

GoVideo Drupal Theme


  • Drupal 7.x compatible
  • Uses the popular open source JW Player!
  • iPhone, iPad, HTML5 compatible
  • Allowed video file types by default: mp4, ogg, avi, mov, wmv, flv, ogv, webm. Check with your hosting provider to ensure proper transcoding/encoding types allowed by their server configurations.
  • Stylish and modern video theme design
  • Theme background image options (for advertising)
  • FFMPEG support (with required hosting – see the setup guide for more details)
  • Homepage Top Picks, Being Watched, and Featured Videos display
  • Tabbed right column block for Recent Videos, Comments, and Tags
  • Video and tags category block regions and Video and Tags page to display all
  • Horizontal navigation with secondary, expanded subcategory levels
  • Social media links with several options using the ShareThis Drupal module
  • Video grid and list style options
  • Unlimited image advertising background (if needed) for increasing ad revenue
  • Subscribe, Add to Favorites, Flag, Embed are all added to the GoVideo theme!
  • Video “Suggestions” block under each video on video details page
  • Ad banner options for video grid and display views and right column
  • Sort videos by Recently Added, Most Viewed, and Top Rated
  • Comments for videos
  • XHTML 1.0 Transitional
  • Compatibility (IE 7, IE 8, Firefox, Opera, Safari, Chrome)
  • Much, much more!

Drupal Modules Used

  • Chaos Tools Suite
  • Date/Time Module
  • Media Module (Video, Video UI)
  • GoVideo Helper Module
  • ShareThis Module
  • Views
  • Voting (for Video ratings)

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