Ecommerce Pro Drupal 主题,是一个电子购物类型的Drupal 主题。You’re sure to increase your orders with our new Drupal Ecommerce Pro theme with the Commerce module. This theme takes the power of Commerce to the next level. The Ecommerce Pro has 5 theme colors to choose from including Red, Orange, Blue, Green, or Pink. Also included are customizations such as front page slider, “Featured Products” for category pages, social media tabs for sharing products within popular social sites, and a dropdown product image gallery for each product added.


ecommerce pro Drupal theme

ecommerce pro Drupal theme


  • 5 pre-made theme skins with custom graphics
  • Front page slide show: jQuery cycle
  • Product page slide show: dropdown with clickable images
  • Top Nav. Dropdown Menu
  • Built with the Drupal Commerce module
  • Individual product 5-star ratings
  • SimpleNews Newsletter integration
  • Compatibility (IE 6, IE 7 , IE 8 , Firefox, Opera, Safari, Chrome)
  • Valid XHTML Strict CSS
  • PSD files included (upon request)

Drupal Modules Used

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