ET eGallery WordPress商业主题,一个功能齐全的网上画廊主题,简约+优质效果,完美展示艺术作品。eGallery WordPress Theme
eGallery is a theme made to transform your blog into a fully functional online gallery. This theme has been created with simplicity in mind, and is designed to emphasize the artwork you choose to showcase. The design has been greatly enhanced using javascript, and is easy to implement.


ET eGallery WordPress theme

ET eGallery WordPress theme


  • WordPress 3.0+兼容
  • 3个配色方案
  • 评级系统
  • Gravatar
  • 火狐、Netscape、IE7 + IE6、Safari兼容
  • 侧边栏小工具
  • 主题选项设置
  • 自定义缩略图图像
  • PSD文件
  • 有效的XHTML+ CSS

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