Bershka OpenCart电子购物商城商业主题模板,幻灯片,推荐产品,最新产品,广告,Ajax购物车,自定义颜色和产品大小,一切都是从管理面板控制,支持OpenCart 1.5.x,适合家电数码产品购物网站。


BERSHKA opencart theme

BERSHKA opencart theme


  • TG BERSHKA CP controlled by the admin area – allows you to set default color (comes with sixteen colors) and default view(grid or list) for your site. You can hide/show color-themes as a dropdown in your header menu. Allow users to switch which color they use on your OpenCart
  • TG Nivo Slider Module controlled by the admin area – allows you to easily display animated image in each page.
  • TG Footer Module controlled by the admin area – allows you to display informations in OpenCart footer. There are four subtabs – Info, Contacts, Twitter and Facebook Fan Page. You can hide / show each section by enabling or disabling them. All the four sections are automatically resized depending on how many of them are enabled.
  • TG Footer Payment Images Module controlled by the admin area – Payment images section allows you to put logo (or other) images for the different payment methods.
  • TG Shopping Cart – add the cart into a module that can be added to the page layout left/right sidebar
  • 16 in 1 – sixteen colour schemes come with this theme – see the theme preview (use Color Themes on header menu) to check all of them.
  • Fullcolor documented with installation and customization instructions.

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