PureType WordPress商业主题免费下载,3个配色方案,2栏布局,适合新闻,杂志,博客等。The idea behind PureType was to create a clean and sophisticated CSS-based design using no images. The result is a strong type-based layout great for personal blogs. PureType comes with three widget ready areas, three unique color schemes, two layout options and more, all of which are easily managed via the Theme Options Page.


Puretype  WordPress Theme

Puretype WordPress Theme


  • XHTM Strict1.0,无表格设计
  • WordPress 3.0+支持
  • 三个配色方案
  • 螺纹评论
  • 可选的博客风格的布局
  • Gravatar可用
  • 广告可用
  • 侧边栏小工具可用
  • 主题选项设置控制面板
  • 自定义缩略图
  • 含PSD文件

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