Godzilla XHTML/CSS模板,是一个 全屏管理面板 HTML模板,Godzilla is THE template that people can use that are searching for a awesome back-end interface!

Godzilla XHTML/CSS模板主要特点:

  • w3 Valid: xHTML 1.0 transitional.
  • Cross-browser compatible.
  • Fluid and fixed layout.
  • 4 colunm option.
  • jQuery powered.
  • Many nicely styled plugins.
  • Nicely styled form elements.

Godzilla XHTML/CSS模板演示地址:

Godzilla XHTML/CSS模板演示地址

Godzilla v1.0 XHTML/CSS模板下载地址[文件大小:8.8MB]【官方完整正版】:

Godzilla v1.0 XHTML/CSS模板免费下载地址 [百度网盘]