Slash WP WordPress主题,是一个创意全屏摄影展示主题,创意的设计使用了HTML5+CSS3技术,适合做个摄影、杂志、博客、企业类网站。


Slash WP is a Premium WordPress Theme that has unique modern design as well as powerful and robust functionality.
It was created to serve you as a portfolio, photo-gallery and blog with native support of WP 3 .2. post formats.
Slash WP will become an effective showcase of your works. This theme provides you with several full-screen homepage templates: video homepage, awesome slideshow (with the option to preserve original image proportions), and static-image page.
Portfolio pages allow you to show both photo and video works. Dynamic AJAX filtering + awesome jQuery Isotope animation make your portfolio extremely usable and easy to navigate.
Gallery pages have both classical (photos only) and 2-layer (Albums -> Photos) layout types.
Homepage Slideshow, Portfolio and Gallery modules are powered by WordPress custom content types. So there will be no mess between different types of your content.
Theme Options page and Background Builder function will help you to create pro-looking and sexy skin for your website and customize it beyond recognition just in a few clicks!
Slash HTML is powered by Highslide JS (awesome lightbox script) and jQuery Isotope (masonry layout builder). Normally single commercial license for them costs about $30 and $37 respectively, but you get it free as a part of Slash HTML package.
Please note, that we ship Slash WP with jPlayer. Video homepages on our demo are powered by JW Player (which is not included to theme package, but can be installed separately).

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