Cassiopeia WordPress主题,是一个自适应企业/博客/作品主题,Cassiopeia is a powerful responsive business/corporate/portfolio & blog premium WordPress theme jam-packed with features.

Cassiopeia WordPress主题主要特点:

  • Dropcaps – Drop the first letters of your paragraph in 3 styles;
  • List Styles – Three styles for your lists;
  • Framed Boxes – Three styles of framed boxes;
  • Highlighted Text – Highlight your text in 5 different colors;
  • Tooltips – Add a bubble with text to any portion of content;
  • Styled Table – Just write your table markup and the styling is piece of cake;
  • Url Shortening – Easily shorten your long urls with Google’s url shortening service (;
  • Dividers – Separate any section or paragraph of content with a space or an image divider.

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