Clean XHTML/CSS模板,是一个商务类模板,6 Types of Sliders (Hot !!!) 42++ Validated xHTML pages Unlimited Color Schemes & Skins Cufon Font Replacment Ajax, Validated Contact Form 960 Grid System Design & Markup Standart 6 Types of Pricing Pages, 12 Sidebar Elements 9 Colors of Styled Buttons Tables, Boxes, Accordions Tabs, Toggles.


9 different background patterns

Unlimited background color variations

9 predefined color schemes

6 different slideshows

jCycle slider,
Styled jCycle slider,
Nivo slider,
Piecemaker slider,
Roundabout slider,
Kwick slider

5 different homepage styles
With price table,
With fetures and services,
With sortable portfolio,
With image and text

2 kind of price plan table

Depending on 960 grid system

Supported multi media types
HTML 5 player,
Youtube video,
Vimeo video,
Flash video

5 types of sortable and nonsortable portfolio
1 column,
2 columns,
3 columns,
4 columns,
4 columns and boxed

Page Layouts
Left sidebar,
Right sidebar

Blog pages
Full image,
Left image,
Right image,
Full, right, left image mixed

Blog page,
Portfolio page,
FAQ page,
Contact page

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