Different XHTML/CSS模板,是以个黑白双色模板,设计简洁,它有2个版本,1个是带jquery效果的,一个是不带jquery效果的。 different™ is a simple and clean HTML theme enhanced with jquery. It is designed for small corporates, but its nice portfolio viewer makes it great for personal use too. It has some unusual features.

Different XHTML/CSS模板主要特点:

  • Valid XHTML 0 .1 Transitional.
  • Compatible with IE6 , 7, 8, FireFox, Chrome, Safari, Opera
  • News/Content jQuery slider.
  • jQuery protfolio viewer.
  • Fully working php contact form enhanced with jQuery.
  • Sliding main menu with jQuery.
  • Social icons designed to fit the look and feel of the site with jQuery tooltips.
  • PSDs of all the website elements.
  • jQuery lightbox.
  • Cufon font replacement.
  • Two versions included, HTML and jQuery based.
  • Two Four color schemes.
  • 10 page templates.
  • Extensive documentation.
  • All the previous features+
  • flash-like content preloader using QueryLoader.
  • Page content managed by jQuery, which means less page loads.
  • jQuery Scrollable page elements (users with screen height >= 1024 won’t need the browser scroll bar).

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