Drive Joomla模板,由yootheme 2012年12月的作品,支持Joomla 2.5&3.0。Check out “Drive” our new theme release for December 2012! Its radiant and colorful design combined with sophisticated background textures works for any kind of desktop or mobile app, gaming or product website. Further, to present your content we added two new styles for the Widgetkit slideshow and slideset, which perfectly blend in with the overall theme style. It also includes smooth CSS animations to add subtle effects when hovering the menus and buttons.

Drive Joomla模板特点:

Available for Joomla and WordPress
Responsive theme, optimized for touch devices
8 style variations available
17 background variations available
3 module styles combinable with 4 badges and 6 icons
Widgetkit Slideshow Tabs and Slideset bonus styles
Flexible theme and column widths
All Warp framework features are available

Drive Joomla演示地址:

Drive v1.0 Joomla 2.5 模板下载地址[文件大小:33.8MB]【官方完整正版】:

Drive v1.0 2.5 模板免费下载地址 [百度网盘下载]