Ecospirit Joomla模板,一个自适应企业Joomla模板,支持Joomla 2.5&3.0。Wide open space, earthy tonal grunge and a ton of fresh baked style make Ecospirit the perfect green website template. It’s a responsive Joomla template built for a variety of uses, mixing delicate textures, soft stained grunge elements to create a clean and slightly dirty Joomla template.

Ecospirit Joomla主题特点:

Optimised for Zentools which now allows you target image sizes across a number of different devices.
Responsive Joomla template scales to fit your browser or mobile device.
Social icons now using font icons to improve load time
Combination of 28 colour hilites plus 18 texture and banner styles to create your own design
Zenkit K2 template overrides which bring the power of Zentools to your K2 content
Compatible with our responsive Jomsocial template
Unified Joomla 1.5 and Joomla 2.5 package

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Ecospirit v1.0 Joomla 2.5&3.0 模板下载地址[文件大小:64.0MB]【官方完整正版】:

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