Folio Nº1 XHTML/CSS模板,是一个单页作品展示 HTML模板,Folio Nº1 is a simple, practical and usable template designed with HTML5 + CSS3 , Microfomats to increase the semantic content and its relevance to the major search engines and also uses jQuery to enhance user experience.

Folio Nº1 XHTML/CSS模板主要特点:

  • One page Template
  • Complete resume section
  • Microformats. Google like this so much.
  • Cool hover effect for each portfolio item
  • Style Switcher – View style changes in “real time”
  • Filtering method
  • Print ready and friendly stylesheet
  • Cool lightbox for zooming your works
  • Font-Face with customs fonts. You can use any font you want. In Help PDF is all explained
  • 13 fabulous backgrounds specially designed for this template
  • Documented in code and PDF with “HOW TO…”
  • VALID HTML5 & Degrades Gracefully
  • iPad FULL Friendly

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Folio Nº1 XHTML/CSS模板演示地址

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