Golden Harvest XHTML/CSS模板,是一个创意商务/个人HTML模板,“Golden Harvest” is a HTML5 valid, creatively constructed website template. May serve as business site, personal portfolio, product showcase etc. Flexible design, each part can be replaced, extended and customized.

Golden Harvest XHTML/CSS模板主要特点:

  • Flipping gallery
  • Decorative fall of leaves (webkit only)
  • Local storage for private use
  • Coloured Google map
  • Working clock (decorative element)
  • Local scroll bars for content and navigation
  • Toggling submenu
  • Rotating badges with icons (dirrent for each page)
  • Glowing buttons (webkit only)

Golden Harvest XHTML/CSS模板演示地址:

Brightness XHTML/CSS模板演示地址

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