IT HappyShop Joomla模板,由icetheme 2013年1月发布的儿童商城模板。An awesome E-commerce Joomla Theme built-in with HikaShop component. A lovely design that gives focus to your shop products.

IT HappyShop Joomla主要特点:

We are proud to announce the release of our new E-commerce theme, IT HappyShop, which is build with the awesome shopping cart, HikaShop.

The simplicity and flexibility of the HikaShop component go hand to hand with the design and features of the HappyShop theme, making your future website a lovely store for your visitors.

We want to maintain our philosophy for providing simple solutions even for an E-commerce release. This template is dedicated to gifts and children but can be easily used for any online shop project. With an elegant slideshow, light colors and the functionality of HikaShop, it’ll be a piece of cake to work with. 4 different style variations come ready for you, making it suitable for any store.

An image can say thousands words but Viewing our Demo may leave you speechless.

IT HappyShop Joomla演示地址:

IT HappyShop v1.0 Joomla 2.5&3.0 模板下载地址[文件大小:104.6 MB]【官方完整正版】:

IT HappyShop v1.0 2.5&3.0 模板免费下载地址 [百度网盘下载]