OT Kangnam Joomla模板,是个商务模板,适合建筑设计、建筑相关、景观设计等商务企业网站。We are proud of releasing the template OT Kangnam. As a webmaster, you desire to make effective advertisement on the internet, based on your demands, we keep developing for better support. Fresh vibrant colors, decent simple looks is what Kangnam has for you, also it very flexible and easy to configure and customize. OT Kangnam can satisfy all requirements of business, corporate, portfolio websites.


OT Kangnam joomla template

OT Kangnam joomla template


  • Can be used for corporate, business and more…
  • Joomla 1.5.x and 1.7.x native
  • Solid Framework
  • 100% Tableless design, 100% CSS/DIV compliance.
  • Validated with CSS 2.1 and HTML via W3C validation tools
  • Well-comment CSS and PHP code files
  • Compatible IE 7+, Opera 9+, Chrome, Safari, Mozilla Firefox
  • 13 module positions ready
  • Delivered with “QuickStart Package” and template package separate

OT Kangnam Joomla模板:


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