Mobility Joomla 1.5&2.5模板,Browsing content-rich websites can be frustrating on mobile devices. Often, webmasters make a separate website, optimized for iPhone. With this Joomla iPhone template, you don’t have to. Mobile version is available in this template. You update the main site, and your mobile site is updated automatically, at the same time. So, both sites are always synchronized.

Mobility Joomla模板主要特点:

iPhone compatible – check demo on your iPhone
Unlimited styles: Select between 15 background images and select color for each part of template in template parameters. Six pre-defined styles.
SEO friendly! It will place page headings in H1 and H2 tags automatically, instead of Joomla default classes. Joomla core is not hacked.
HOT Joomla Gallery: New extension for picture slideshows.
HOT Joomla Carousel: Display your photos in a form of carousel easily.
Lightbox, Reflection, Font resizer, Top panel… No conflict with other javascript libraries.
W3C valid XHTML and CSS table-less structure.
Support for RTL languages
Editable width of overall template, main content area and left and right columns with modules.
Fast-loading top menu with drop-down submenu items, with selection of three animation effect.
Cross-browser support, tested on IE6, IE7, IE8, Firefox, Opera, Safari and Chrome.

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