Newscycle Joomla模板,可以用于时尚企业。Newscycle is a revisioning of our popular Newstream Joomla template from 2010. Newscycle builds on the clean magazine layout from Newstream and adds some funky ribbons, smooth gradients and a smattering of bold colour schemes. It comes with a k2 Joomla template, large and elegant slideshow styling and is the ideal accompaniment for your Joomla news portal or magazine site.


NEWSCYCILE joomla template

NEWSCYCILE joomla template


  • Big slideshow, colourful ribbons and funky date styling.
  • Combine three elements to create your own colour scheme.
  • Unique K2 Joomla template.
  • Built on the Zen Grid Framework.
  • Joomla 1.5, Joomla 1.6 template and quickstart available.
  • Source PSD and PNG included

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