Niarra XHTML/CSS模板,Another year, another awesome template from 50andJACK. This one features a creative design by 50 that’s totally responsive and available in two different skins. Custom built lightbox, fullscreen gallery, HTML5 Video and Audio, Niarra meets all your creative needs. Lots of love and attention went into this one. Hope you like it!

Niarra XHTML/CSS模板主要特点:

  • 22 Page Templates
  • Responsive and Mobile Ready
  • Fullscreen Responsive Gallery (GalleryJack)
    • Responsive
    • Mobile Swipe
    • Deep-linking
    • Advanced Social Sharing
    • Optional HTML5 Music Player
    • Supports Multiple Categories
    • Play Vimeo, Youtube or HTML5 Video
    • Two display modes: Fill the screen or never crop
    • Multiple transitions: Fade, Wipe, Slide, Slide-Over
    • Optional HTML5 music player w/ Flash fallback
  • Custom built Responsive Lightbox
    • Responsive
    • Mobile Swipe
    • Deep-linking
    • Advanced Social Sharing
    • Vimeo, Youtube and HTML5 Video – All with mobile fallbacks
    • iFrames and Custom HTML
    • Gallery style thumbnail strip
    • Item grouping, image info, and just about everything you could ever want in a lightbox
  • Custom built Reponsive Slider
    • Mobile Swipe
    • Two Display Modes: Simple and Advanced
    • Link any slide to a Lightbox item
    • Advanced mode supports Vimeo Video, Youtube Video and HTML5 Video
  • 2-5 column Responsive Galleries
  • 1-4 column Responsive Portfolios
  • HTML5 Audio and HTML5 Video, Youtube Video & Vimeo Video


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