Nocturnal wordpress商业主题,是一个音乐/明星WordPress主题,Nocturnal is an audio/music focused theme that is geared towards nightclubs and/or bands. The featured content is built to support posters and flyers.


Nocturnal Premier Audio WP Theme

Nocturnal Premier Audio WP Theme


  • Left/Right/Up/Down arrow key support
  • Ajax pagination
  • Supports Google custom fonts library
  • Slideout widget panel
  • Full screen image backgrounds
  • Unlimited link color options
  • Easy logo customization
  • WordPress menu support
  • Super easy admin panel using the OptionTree Plugin
  • Easy thumbnail images with built-in WordPress system
  • FREE version upgrade if you purchased this theme
  • Advanced jQuery animations and effects


  • installation (NOT
  • PHP 5 +
  • OptionTree plugin (free)

注意:很多人说下载了这个主题没有管理面板,其实你只要看看他的文件夹就知道,有个option-tree,所以你只需要到wordpress.org下载这个option tree插件安装启用就可以设置了

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