Robust HTML+PHP CMS模板,是一个强大专业多用途商业网站主题,内置10个皮肤,可用于一般企业网站、购物网站。Our Template is entirely editable, using a very logical CMS which is way better than the WordPress solution.
Full SEO support html: the html code is extremely seo-friendly, so that every page can be optimized individually and has ‘friendly urls’.


Home Page Our frontpage comes with an impressive jQuery homepage slider, with 6 different staging effects, and a number of content boxes in the page middle (you can add as many as you want from the admin panel). The greatest thing about this frontpage is that it has 2 top-slider variations: one with large background images and another one with small images. So feel free to choose the version that better suits your needs.

About: Displays unlimited amount of text, editable from CMS using the popular editor fckeditor, with autogeneration menu (multiple-pages support). The text is displayed in category pages, also allowing you to introduce side widgets, subtitles, tables and lists to this descriptive module.

Blog: Our complex blog module is based on the WordPress architecture, but it’s a lot easier to manage and, along with the rest of this site, is a great weblog page. Its key features are:

  • countless labels and topic
  • search topics
  • view monthly archive
  • view all topics written by a certain author
  • view all topics containing a tag
  • widgets for:

– latest posts

– categories
– latest Twitter posts
– latest Flickr photos
– popular tags
– search topics

  • enable/disable comments for any topic you want
  • pagination for comments, to avoid crowded pages
  • enable/disable administrator moderation for comments
  • latest global comments and latest comments for each topic
  • rss feeds for all topics

E-Shop: A complex module you can use to safely and elegantly sell and ship your products. Here’s a set of the main features:

  • category pages
  • search results
  • unlimited amount of products
  • for each product you can have a mini gallery with images/Youtube movies of swf animations
  • various widgets for sidebar:
    – latest products
    – best sold
    – just sold
    – last visited
    – related products
    – categories etc.
  • unlimited product variations (ex: size, color, etc.)
  • support for specifications tables
  • discounts per ordering amount
  • taxing classes (VAT)
  • shipping table and calculators
  • downloadable products (after the order is completed, your buyer will receive an email with URLs for all the available products to download)
  • full PayPal support (including IPN )
  • ordering management, directly from the admin panel
  • notification emails for new orders, for pending orders (when the payment was made with e-check) and for the administrator
  • supports all currencies available through PayPal

Gallery This module supports an unlimited number of albums, each with countless images included. You can choose between a simple gallery or a gallery with albums and categories, both versions supporting photo, swf or Youtube files upload. The larger image versions open in LightBox. The Gallery module also displays widgets for categories and latest photos.

Quotes (testimonials) This page tells a story to your visitors, by displaying your clients’ opinion about your work and the professional relationship with your company.

FAQs: Displays a list of frequently asked questions that your clients might have before purchasing your products and your answers for these questions.

Simple (Text) Page You can use this component for sections with only one page (e.g. Privacy Policy).

Contact: Smart contact module, with message archive and the possibility to redirect your email to various addresses, depending on the department selection. Editable email (notifies the administrators) and auto responder for the clients (to let them know the recipient received it). It also has widgets for locations and directions, as well as a quick contact form and some additional explanatory text (all editable from the admin).

Links / Business Directory: It displays lists of URLs, compatible to your site’s needs (it can be documentation, sponsors or even your online portfolio projects), and also category directories. The categories are optional depending on what you need.

Portfolio Our complex portfolio is structured in categories, projects and for each project you are able to upload an unlimited number of images, swf or Youtube files: whatever you find relevant for your visitors. Project navigation is easy, without having to return to index. If you need something simple you can remove the categories with just one click.

Styles This module is a skin-selector, that includes a drop-down list of 5 skins for our Robust template: feel free to choose the one you find is appropriate for your needs.

Shopping Cart This component belongs to the ‘E-Shop’ module and is active while your visitors are shopping inside your virtual Robust store. You are able to view your cart contents and checkout through PayPal.


Footer Editor This module supports multiple types of blocks, that you can reorder by choice:
– URLs (pointing to other interest sites)
– latest topics linked to a blog module
– latest images linked to a gallery module

– latest news linked to a news module
– social bookmarking links
– flickr rss
– twitter rss

Global Widgets Create widgets linked to existing modules and have them in any page you want:
– text widget
– random quote
– products list ( latest products, best sellers, just sold, visited )
– latest photos in gallery
– latest topics in blog
– latest news
– twitter posts
– flickr images

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