SportyNews Joomla模板,是一个体育新闻门户模板。“Sporty News” is a fabulous Joomla 2.5 responsive premium template with a standard layout, design and a framework. This template creates a specific look and well suited for sports sectors and sport news centers but you can use this template for any simple reservations website. This template will automatically generate nice page for every sport and automatically go into slider.

SportyNews Joomla主要特点:

Helix Framework by JoomShaper
Image Show GK4 by Gavick
News Pro GK4 by Gavick
Social gk5 by Gavick
Sp News Highlighter by JoomShaper
Sp simple image gallery by JoomShaper
K2 Component and module by JoomlaWorks Ltd
Xmap Component by Guillermo Vargas

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