SuperCharged 网站建设中 WordPress主题,This is one of the most elegant and stylish Under Construction templates ever created. Boasting with features like social media integration or beautifully animated progress bar, SuperCharged will keep your visitors coming back just to have it on their screens!


  • 5 different colour variations
  • adjustable jQuery countdown & progress bar
  • social media interaction
  • display your latest tweet on the page
  • link to your twitter account
  • link to your facebook account
  • link to 12 diferent social media sites
  • rss feed link
  • newsletter sign up
  • store email addresses in MySQL database and in XML file
  • display remaining days in two or three digits format
  • customizable intro text area
  • customizable logo file and page title
  • well commented clean code
  • ease of use
  • wordpress theme included

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