Typo WordPress主题,超个性极简博客主题。Create a Tumblr style blog with full control over your content with Typo. Share your images, videos, audio files and more all within your own WordPress install! Check out the demo to see Typo in action.

Typo WordPress主题特点:

  • Super Clean and Focused Design
  • Localized – Includes .mo/.po Files
  • Tumblog Style Blog – Post your photos, videos, galleries, chats, quotes, links, audio files and status updates with Post Formats.
  • Self-Hosted Audio Player
  • Auto Image Resizing
  • Menu Management
  • Theme Options
  • Sticky Social Media Ribbon
  • Post Scrolling Navigations
  • Flickr + Twitter Widgets
  • Social Media Links
  • Custom Post Styles (like shortcodes)

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