V11 XML FLASH模板,非常现代而时尚的展示图片、摄影、照片类FLASH整站模板。You do not have to have Flash installed or open a fla to edit this template.Unlimited modules can be added to the menu.In the Site Template is attached module Book v2.5


Choose template start page
Change all colors in xml files.
Create 2 levels of menu in the XML : menu item, menu sub-item
Hide selected menu elements ( attributes visible=false in menuPrimary.xml )
Deep linking – use possibility of redirecting to the any subpage (swfAdress.js)
Add logo and logo redirect
Add redirect for menu position
Full screen on/off ( button and right key mouse)
Resizable site (width and height change in xml file)
Place background for every menu element individually (you can place background default) in xml file
Add unlimited modules
Add unlimited menu items
Add unlimited mp3 in xml file
Add new modules
Load SWF file
Add purchased modules from Activeden

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