Gent wordpress主题,适合创意、设计网站。Web site and private or company brand pages are more popular these days. But all people aren’t web developer or programmer. So what can people do?
Of course, you have a chance to have best demo site. We suggest you this best one. It doesn’t need your knowledge on CSS or PHP . It gives you abilities to manage your site very simple. For example, if you want to change your site color, size and layout you could just work on admin panel and additional options. It is easy to draw your site corporate style.


Gent wordpress theme

Gent wordpress theme


  • General options – Custom
    logo/text + header height, google analytics, site Robot meta settings,
  • Page options – You can control
    all of default values of your blog, page/single and portfolio.

    • Layout selection
    • Posts per page blog and portfolio
    • Post meta on/off
    • Post author on/off
  • Custom sidebar – Unlimited custom
    sidebars and choose one of them on your page.
  • Font management
    • 10 kinds of choices of Cufon fonts. Of course you can use some
      fonts which you desired from other type.
    • Font size modification on 25 elements of your
    • Text transform option on content title and all of the heading
  • Slider customizations – You can
    control slider
  • Export and Import system – Most
    of buyers test new theme on local before update their main web site. It
    gives them how the theme works and to know general structure and other
    things. After the testing, users need to upload the new theme on their
    main server. You should upload content (posts, pages, menu etc) and
    tested theme keep maintaining. But everybody don’t have good knowledge
    about data base. You can use wordpress import/export for standard
    wordpress contents such as post/page/menu. This section will help you
    for theme settings’ import and export.
    Also, you can use this section little differently like enjoying. If you
    want to help your friend who purchased this theme you could suggest
    him/her good ideas.
  • Localization – Included PO files whole site and frontend
    • Español (90%)
    • Italiano (90%)
    • Deutsch/Deutschland (90%)
    • Français (90%)

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