Handmade wordpress主题,是一个糕点水果购物wordpress主题。Handmade has been a surprise success for Obox and since we are focussing on eCommerce for 2012 we decided it should be the first theme of the year to get WooCommerce compatibility.


Handmade - WordPress eCommerce Theme


  • Woocommerce Goodness – All the great eCommerce features that you get in WooCommerce, including the ability to add checkout / product plugins.
  • Create Beautiful Galleries – Post images of your latest work, dishes or crafts and categorize them in an easy to scan list page. Also marvel at the awesome image pop-up when you click on a particular photo.
  • Unique Home Page – Feature all your latest posts and finest work on the home page of your site. We have created an awesome colage feature which gives your site a unique and ‘different’ feel to the usual blogs out there.
  • Works as a Standard Blog too! – If you want to use this as a normal blog with images instead of videos, it is 100% possible. We have made sure to include our standard image uploader with auto-resizing and filters.
  • Slogan Widget – Add a brief description about what you do/offer as well as links to your products or services!
  • Short URL Support – New addition to an Obox Theme, we are using Googles shorten url plugin.
  • oEmbed Support – Simply cut & paste the url of your video and we will get the embed code for you!
  • Social Sharing – Tweet, Like or share a custom URL with our neat social sharing options for each post that you publish.

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