Adminica 网站模板,网站管理后台XHTML/CSS模板,简洁+干净,适合任何类型网站。Adminica is a cleanly coded, beautifully styled, easily customisable, cross-browser compatible Admin Template and Web Application Interface.

Adminica is packed full of features, allowing you unlimited combinations of layouts, controls and styles to ensure you have a trully unique app.

Based on a fluid grid, Adminica can scale itself automatically to fit whatever screen resolution the user has. The interface works perfectly all the way down to iPad and iPhone resolutions (Make sure you click on remove frame on the TF Live Preview to see iPhone scaling properly). If you prefer a fixed layout, Adminica has that too, 960px is the default width but you can set it to whatever you like and the interface will resize accordingly.

Adminica also comes with some amazing features not seen in other Admin themes – accordion dropdown navigation, animated sortable gallery, iPhone style contact Lists.


Adminica Admin Template

Adminica Admin Template


  • One of the most beautiful admin templates on Themforest
  • The fastest selling admin template on Themeforest.
  • Liquid and fixed layout.
  • Sidebar or full width.
  • 15 different page templates
  • Powered by jQuery and jQuery UI
  • CSS3 progressive enhancements with minimal use of images, eg. round corners and all gradients are CSS3
  • grid system
  • 7 individually crafted themes (easily customized)
  • iPhone, iPad and Android ready – this works automatically, same HTML with different CSS applied depending on resolution. Check out this Screenshot
  • To test on iPhone click "Remove Frame" on the top bar of the Live Preview or alternatively click here.
  • Unique accordion based dropdown navigation (3 levels)
  • Accordion sidebar and widget area
  • Draggable, sortable boxes
  • Toggle boxes open and close
  • 2 types of tab boxes – horizonal and vertical
  • 3 Accordion variations with sortable items
  • Thoroughly styled form elements eg. datepicker, file uploader, radios, checkboxes, dialogs, sliders, etc.
  • Form validation and tool tips
  • 290+ buttons in 7 different colours
  • Unique sortable gallery with lightbox
  • Unique iPhone style contact list
  • Tiny Editor rich text editor
  • Syntax highlighting code view (many languages supported)
  • Dynamic sortable DataTables with pagination and live search
  • File Browser with icons
  • Login Box
  • Comes in HTML and PHP version
  • Beautifully styled text & typography
  • Crossbrowser compatible (IE7+)
  • Semantic, valid HTML and CSS (CSS may not validate due to the use of CSS3 enhancements for modern browsers, eg. border-radius)
  • Graceful degradation (still functional without JavaScript)
  • Well commented code
  • Dedicated documentation site


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