YT Pace Joomla 模板,是yootheme 2013年3月发布的最新模板,兼容Joomla 2.5&3.0!This March is getting athletic with Pace, our fresh new theme release! With its vibrant and colorful, yet clean design it fits any sports or health themed site or app.

YT Pace 模板特点:

Available for Joomla and WordPress
Responsive theme, optimized for touch devices
8 style variations available
Choose from 10 colors and 14 fonts
12 different backgrounds available
7 module styles combinable with 4 badges and 6 icons
Custom widgetkit styles for slideshow and spotlight
All Warp framework features are available

YT Pace Joomla模板演示地址:

YT Pace v1.0 Joomla 2.5&3.0 主题模板下载地址【大小:22.4 MB】:

YT Pace v1.0 Joomla 2.5&3.0模板免费下载 [百度网盘下载]