YT Sphere Joomla 2.5模板,是一个由yootheme 2012年8月最新发布的博客Joomla 2.5模板。Lift your website into higher spheres with our brand new August 2012 club theme release! Sphere comes in a nice and clean style that will be perfect for all app developers among you and serves as a great basis for presenting your software and other products.

What makes Sphere so special? First of all, there is the prominent sidebar which can be flexibly used for displaying your website navigation menu, latest news etc. Secondly, you now have two module positions instead of only one for both innertop and innerbottom in Warp, thus offering you more variety in presenting your content. In addition to this, you may also select from several extra background colors for the innertop and innerbottom modules.

But this theme has even more up its sleeve: choose from 8 style variations, 9 fonts and 4 module styles, combined with 4 different badges and 8 icons. Needless to say that Sphere, as the direct successor of our Nano2 theme, also features a fully responsive layout. The theme is built on our Warp 6.2 framework using the latest responsive technologies like a fluid grid system, fluid images and media as well as CSS media queries and breakpoints.

YT Sphere Joomla模板主要特点:

  • Available for Joomla and WordPress
  • Provides a fully responsive layout
  • Choose from 8 style variations and 9 different fonts
  • 4 module style combinable with 4 badges and 8 icons
  • Selectable background color for innertop and innerbottom
  • Flexible theme and column widths
  • All Warp framework features are available

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